About Kate


I was involved in representative sports and physical activity from a very young age, as I came from a very sport focused family.  I started ballet when I was 4, which I continued into my early teens and it was a great passion of mine.  

Like many people, I finished high school and went on to study, then the workforce.  It was while working in a sedentary, office environment, that I really started to notice changes in my body that frustrated me.  I started to lose my strength and my flexibility.  Even my posture began to erode.  

When I went back to sport I became even more frustrated, because my agility, power and body awareness were also failing me.  I felt like there was a huge void between what my mind wanted my body to do and what it could do.  So, it was at that point in my late 20s, that I decided to make a change and start loving my body again.  

I started switching Friday drinks for yoga, I went back to dancing and got a trainer to help me with strength conditioning.  The more I challenged my body, the better I felt mentally and physically and I started to become that person I was in high school.  A friend then introduced me to circus and aerial arts and things just took off from there.  

Now in my early 30s, I’m stronger, fitter, more flexible and agile than I was at 20 and I can’t help but want to share that.  I really believe that if you love and stimulate your body, you can achieve amazing things!  I’ve been blessed with some brilliant and passionate teachers and trainers, who have given me the tools to do things I didn’t think possible.  Now I want to share my experience and empower people to surpass their fitness goals!


  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • First aid/CPR