Workout Wednesday

"Body weight accumulator"

This workout will certainly put you through your paces and guarantee a sweat up!

All you need is yourself and a bench/chair of some sort.

 The idea of an accumulator workout is to start at exercise 1 every round and add on the next exercise.

For example you start at jacks, go back to jacks and add burpee (so essentially starting with 40 straight jacks), then go back to jacks- burpees and add high knees, back to jacks - burpees - high knees - tricep dips and so on until you have added every exercise finishing with situps.

I have done a quick demo of each exercise in the video below. The workout shouldn't take any longer than 30 mins.

Have fun with this one peeps! Can be done anywhere, anytime, alone or with training buddies!

Time to ACCUMULATE and burn bay burn!!

20 x jacks

10 x burpees (can be done elevated on a step)

20 x high knee runs or slow knee pulls

10 x tricep dips (bent knees or straight legs to intensify)

20 x frog jumps

10 x pushups (incline, straight or decline)

20 x skater

10 x walkout to plank

20 x squats or squat jumps

10 x sit ups, crunches or reverse curls

Remember to stretch legs, chest, triceps, shoulders, butt.

Go hard!!