Motivation Monday

"Your only limit is you"

Ain't that the truth!  It was so humbling to compete in a team and alongside such inspirational and strong people yesterday at a Crossfit Competition. 

I knew what I had trained my body to do but that and anything more was only going to be possible if my mind didn't tap out. I knew that I was going to have to push my body harder than I ever had and that there was no room for that voice in my head to tell me that I couldn't. Who was responsible for how I performed? Me, and only me! 

It got me thinking...this is something that is relevant to us all, in our careers, our fitness, our nutrition, in our everyday life - your own limit is!

Finishing 1st place on the podium next to amazing and inspirational friends was such an awesome experience and as much as it hurt like hell I'd do it all again tomorrow...well maybe give me a few days for my quads to recover 😉

Jess ✌🏼️

Your only limit is you.JPG