Workout Wednesday

"Water Workout Wednesday"

I’ve been trying to add in some X Training in the pool these last few weeks and having enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do a Water Workout Wednesday with you this week!

As well as being enjoyable, swimming is such an awesome full body workout that builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as being low impact and relaxing!

Something else that I love is that you can also get your kids in on the act too.  If they are at an age that you can have them join in for at least some of it, then great, otherwise why not get in this or some type of water workout whilst your little one is doing their swimming lesson.

This week I did the following workout which took about 25 minutes and that was with Ella joining in on some of it.  We chose freestyle for everything but please change the stroke if you need to and reduce or increase the distances and intensity dependent on your ability.  

200 meter Warm Up
100 meter Kickboard
10 x 50m sprints.  I worked off a 1:1 ration of work/rest which was approx. 45 sec sprint and 45 sec rest.  
200 meter cool down 

Enjoy! Jess 🐳