Motivation Monday

"Shifting mindset"

In the beginning, your journey to quit sugar often feels overwhelming!
Initially your mindset is only focused on what you can't have. During this time you WILL have many mind wars about what to eat or what not to. I like to think of it as a war between the angel and the devil…..
The devil will tell you that you DESERVE to have the bowl of ice-cream because you did a workout during the day! Your angel will fight back telling you NOT to have the bowl of ice-cream because you have worked so hard towards your goals and you DESERVE to reach them. This one bowl will take you further away from the ideal you. 
Scenario 1 is that you let the devil win the fight, eat the ice-cream, feel terribly guilty and start telling yourself you have failed so why bother to continue? Sadly, this is often a consequence of defeat.

Scenario 2, you don’t eat the ice-cream and even though you keep thinking about how delicious it will be, your angel does not let you cave in. You give yourself a massive high five and at this moment you have trained your brain to be just that little bit stronger than the day before.
Each time you find yourself in this situation, if you can sway towards the angel, over time your mind becomes better at saying no to temptation. 
By all means we are not saying that you should never enjoy a bowl of ice-cream again but it’s important you stay strong and say NO, whilst your mindset is on this journey of shifting from devil dominant to angel dominant.

If you pay attention to the mind wars and really listen to what is going on inside your head when you find yourself in this predicament, I promise, you will become very good at siding with the angel. Over time, it becomes easier and it becomes natural.
It is at this point, you are strong enough to have the occasional treat without fear of slipping into old habits again. You have to go through the process of cold turkey first.

Without much previous thought you will also start to notice some changes in your body such as – 

Clothes feeling looser
Skin looking radiant
Increase in energy levels
Brighter moods
Less bloating
Less irritable
Less cravings

Wow! I mean, why would you want to go back to old habits once you are here??

It is in this moment you realise, you have done it! You have shifted your mindset! You have trained your angel to defeat the devil more often than not.
You feel amazing! There is no turning back now….. 
Onwards and upwards!