Workout Wednesday

"Pyramid workout"

I love a pyramid! Especially when its going down 

Here is a classic sequence using only body weight with several intensity options to choose from. You will start at 40 reps of each, then 30, 20 and 10. 

Set up a mat as base point 

200 m run – flat or hill (or 20 step up on a bench each leg)

1.Wide hand chest push-ups – incline, decline or regular on knees or toes

2.Burpees – incline with hands on an elevated step if required

3.Walking lunges away from base – or stationary forward stepping lunges

4.Travelling squat jumps back to base – or stationary squats or squat jumps

5.Tricep dips of a bench or chair – legs straight for intensity or bent for a regressed version 

6.Ab crunches - or reverse crunches if muscle separation in the abdominals

1 min plank – knees or toes 

Once you complete a 200m run, 40 reps of each of the exercises 1-6 and a 1 min plank, start back at the run and complete 30 reps of exercises 1-6 and a 1 min plank, then 20 reps, finishing on 10 reps.

Tip – you can do this style of workout with some of your favourite weight training exercises too if you have them. It’s a ripper!

Have fun and yes you just conquered 100 reps of each exercise!!