Workout Wednesday

"Cardio Bodyweight Workout"

Nice view for a workout!  This was up along the Bondi to Bronte run but you can do this workout anywhere, even at the gym with a treadie or substitute for another cardio exercise eg: skipping.  


Choose your run or walk route and pick 3-5 spots along the way where you will complete the following exercises demonstrated in order in the video on Facebook:


Frog Jumps x 20

Bulgarian Split Squat x 10 each side (if you don’t have an incline or need to regress the movement you can do a static lunge)

Dips x 20 (you can make these harder by having one leg raised)

Decline Pushup x 20 (you can make this a standard, incline or standing pushup if needed)


Make sure you warm up cool down and most importantly have fun!