Workout Wednesday

"Post Natal Abdominal Workout"

Today's workout Wednesday is specific to women who have muscle separation in their abdominals post pregnancy!

It is important to avoid flexing the spine (e.g situps, crunches) and putting the body in a prone position (pushup, normal planks) if you separation is more than 1.5 fingers wide.

This abdominal workout will help to strengthen your core without widening or worsening your separation.  If you don't have diastasis you can complete exercises 2,3 & 5 with your head, neck and shoulders off the mat in a flexed hold position keeping your tailbone relaxed on the mat for these exercises) and prone pushups on your knees or toes.

Complete 12 reps of each exercise 

1.      Bridge (keep backs of shoulders on the mat and melt the rib cage to spine on all exercises)

2.      Leg slides (As above and keep your tailbone relaxed on the mat with pubic bone and hip bones level with each other)

3.      Toe taps (instructions as for number 2)

4.      Reverse curl (curl our tailbone and sacrum off the mat and return to start point)

5.      Modified reach (instructions as for number 2)

6.      Double leg lifts (lengthen and lift both legs to hip height keeping hips and shoulders stacked)

7.      30 sec side plank each side (hips and shoulders stacked and pelvis in neutral) – 1 min in total

8.      Wall Pushups (hands in line with chest and lean in on a slight incline. The further back your feet are away from the wall, the harder the exercises)

Repeat all 3-4 times.

Enjoy your workout.

Dani xx

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