Motivation Monday

"Setting Goals"

Goal setting! Why is it important??

Taking on a โ€˜missionโ€™ without a defined goal or a plan is the same as walking out of your front door and not knowing where you are heading. If you have no plan and no goal destination, itโ€™s only luck that will get you to where you truly want to be. Goals are important because they give us a direction to follow and a way to measure our progress along the way. If you have a goal it becomes easy to say whether you've achieved it or not. Goals allow us to succeed and success keeps us motivated.

I have set myself a goal today! Pull ups! Argh! I am no good at them (at the moment). 
My goal is to complete 10 unassisted pull ups by the end of 2016! Eek. I am holding myself accountable smile emoticon

In this video I did 10 pull ups with 2 x bands to assist me. Next time I will take one band off and keep trying every few days until I can do 10 consecutive reps. 
Finally, I will start my journey with no assistance until I reach 10 reps! Sound like a plan? Persistence pays off.

What health, fitness or life goal are you going to set for yourself today??

Go get em!