Workout Wednesday

"What does up, must come down!"

I love a good pyramid workout!

In the video I am showing different intensity levels for each exercise, starting with the beginner version then intermediate/advanced. Please choose a level you can do with good technique.

Let's begin.........

Start your workout with a run distance of about 200-400m.
Complete a 1 minute plank

Then do 1 rep of the following exercises, followed by 2 reps of each, 3 reps of each etc all the way up to 10.

Burpee Jack

Repeat your run & go a little longer aiming for a 90 sec plank

Start at 10 reps of each of the exercises above followed by 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each.... All the way back down to 1.

Repeat your run distance one last time and finish your workout in a 90 sec- 2 min plank.

Remember to stretch your leg and shoulder muscles at the end!

Enjoy! It's an absolute smasher.


Ps In future you can choose any 3 of your favourite exercises for this workout and complete in the gym with weights, at home or on holidays at the beach.