"Sharing delicious food with special friends"

"Dukkah - my new obsession"

I was lucky enough to visit a dear friend of mine on the weekend in Brisbane.  I always love the time that I spend with her and her family.  She is someone incredibly special who fills up my cup...although yes literally we do enjoy a wine together, I mean that in the metaphorical sense.  My soul is always warmed when I am with her and I feel rejuvenated and have clarity after seeing her.  

This weekend was no exception.  Not only this though, she also spoilt me with some incredibly delicious and nutritious home cooked meals, one of which was "Dukkah Crusted Salmon" on the BBQ!  I loved it so much that the next day when we arrived back in Sydney I made the same meal πŸ˜›  

If you are new to the Egyptian Spice called "Dukkah", here is a link to what it is and a recipe from The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter.


Here is a pic of my version (yes we have already established Im not a food photographer and the need to outsource that role) that I accompanied with Broccolini and Sweet Potato Chips done in the oven.

It really couldn't have been any easier:

1. Spoon Dukkah mixture over Salmon, firmly pressing into the skin.
2. Cook on BBQ for 3-4 mins skin side down, carefully turn over and cook for a further 1-2 min depending on how you like your Salmon.
3. Serve with your choice of veggies or a salad and enjoy this nourishing meal with your loved ones πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Jess xxx