Member of the Month - April

Deb Melkie

Love it when it comes to this time when we get to announce our Member of the Month!  

Aprils winner is a long term client who always gives 110% to their workouts, she has a fabulous attendance record and even does all of her burpees because she LOVES them 🙊 and because Kim can't so Deb does them for her 😉  

Congratulations Deb Melkie, you are without a doubt a deserving winner!  We asked Deb to take a moment to answer some questions and here is what she had to say...

1. What is your biggest achievement since joining our health & fitness group? By far increasing my fitness and strength.

2. What is your favourite type of workout? I'm partial to boxing but can't go past a good sprint session with heavy weights (no burpees of course lol).

3. What is your main health and fitness goal for the next 12 months? Maintain my fitness levels and try and eliminate my excess sugar intake.

4. Share your favourite recipe with us? Saganaki Prawns, it's one meal all the family looks forward to.

5. Hit us with your favourite motivational saying? "That feeling after an amazing workout...!"

As a small token of your efforts we would like you to have breakfast or lunch on us at STORE Espresso - Leichhardt!  If you haven't enjoyed a meal here girls - make sure you get down there and check out their delicious menu!

Congratulations again Deb, always an awesome effort! 

Dani & Jess xxx