Motivation Monday

"Mind Wars"

Motivation Monday!

What motivates you? Are you struggling to stay motivated when it comes to clean nutrition and exercise?? Are you going around in circles often ending up right back where you started??

News flash!!!! 
It's only going to get harder when winter arrives!
NOW is the time to create a good habit you will stick to for a lifetime.
For me, I find sometimes find myself making excuses not to exercise or thinking up reason why i deserve to eat a treat.
It's like a little mini war between good cop and bad cop in my head!!
Bad cop makes excuses, good cop tries to talk the bad cop out of it with positive affirmations!
I have been through this enough times to know that if I let the bad cop win, I carry a load of guilt on my shoulders all day! It doesn't make me feel very happy! I feel angry at myself for giving in.
So now, I hold on to the feeling i will have in defeat! I breathe it in and I make myself feel it, and that alone helps me conquer the negative thought pattern!

When you are aware of the thoughts in your mind in and around food and exercise, it gets easier to start overriding the negative and replace with a positive.
This results in the good cop becoming stronger everyday and eventually winning every time!
It won't happen overnight but I promise you that with persistence, it works.
So for now, become aware of your mental mini wars! 
Set yourself goals to help you train your inner "good cop" to become stronger! 
I like this quote below! Every time you win the war put $1 in a jar and when you reach $100 buy or treat yourself to something nice (not food related).
Just one catch though, if you don't win the war, I would suggest you take $1 out....... just so you know it's going to take you much longer to buy that item of clothing or head to the day spa!

Find something that works for you :)

Making long lasting change is a mental challenge, not a physical one! 
Life is about creating good balance and knowing it's ok to have the occasional treat or go a day without exercise. 
The purpose of this post is help you become aware of the thoughts in your mind at the precise moment when the scales are about to tip towards the negative side that will take you further away from your goals and what is the best strategy for you to keep your scales equally balanced.


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