Motivation Monday

"Be Strong, you never know who you are inspiring…" 

As a fitness instructor people sometimes say that you provide them with inspiration.  I feel very blessed if I can that I can be this person to even just one of you girls but there is something extremely important that I don’t think you girls realise…

YOU inspire ME and you inspire OTHERS!

Particularly of late, Dani and I have found ourselves feeling incredibly overwhelmed and proud seeing how far some of you have come…those of you who weren’t “runners” but now rise above the voice in your head telling you to give up and smash out your runs in the workout, or those of you who couldn’t do more than a few push ups due to strength or a pre existing injury and now crack them out in their workouts like a pro…those of you who came to us with a diet lacking much nutritional value but now practice eating wholefoods and have implemented this not only with themselves but to the rest of your family and are reaping the all of you who juggle, work, children and just the craziness of life yet still make it a priority to make the time to exercise.
Your progress and commitment is truly inspirational to not just Dani and I but also the girl training beside you in your workout, a mum at school, your children or your sister, and its important that you know this!  

Be strong and don’t give up girls, you never know who you are inspiring!

Jess xxx