Workout Wednesday

"20 Minute Fat Burner AMRAP" 

This 20 minute AMRAP is an awesome fat burner workout that you can do anywhere with little to no equipment!  AMRAP means that you complete the following exercises and do β€œAs Many Rounds As Possible” in the time cap of 20 minutes.  You can always take note of how long it takes you to do one round and make sure you stay consistent or beat your time in the following rounds - of course do not compromise your form to do this.

100 Skips or 200m Run

60 Mountain Climbers (or 20 x 4 Point Kneel Extensions if you have Diastasis Recti)

50 Squats

40 Lunges

30 Frog Legs (or Frog Jumps if you have Diastasis Recti) 

20 Pushups (use an incline if you have Diastasis Recti)

10 Burpees (use an incline if you have Diastasis Recti and step out keeping the pelvis stable rather than jumping in and out)

Make sure that you warm up, cool down and finish with a stretch.  All up you will only need 30 minutes to be able to complete this workout.  Enjoy!

Jess xxx