Motivation Monday

"Never let the things you want, make you forget the things you have"

One of the biggest take outs for me from our recent trip to Bali was the importance of being grateful for what I have and what I am able to do...  

Whilst on our runs, Marina who facilitated the week, asked us to give thought to what we are grateful for.  It was an interesting process because normally when I run there is a lot of chatter in my head about what I need to do, what Im working towards, what I don’t have and what I want.  I did what she asked though and finished the run feeling so overjoyed and grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life and also appreciative and loving for the fact that my body is strong and healthy and allows me to do so many awesome things.

Give this a try girls.  It doesn’t need to be when you are on a run (although I would recommend that too), just sometime today take a moment to stop the chatter in your head and give thought to things and people you are grateful for in your life.  Take a deep breath and just enjoy that feeling.  

Jess xxx