Workout Wednesday

"Hotel Gym Workout"

This is an awesome hotel gym workout that you can do when your away for work or on holidays!

You will complete 4 rounds of the following:

100m run

10 Pushups (Choose your level, Wall, Knees, Toes, Decline) 

100m run

10 Squats

100m run

10 Travelling Planks or 4 Point Kneel Extension

100m run

10 Lunges (Choose your level Static, Alternating or Incline)

100m run

10 Reverse Curls

Make sure you complete a warm up and a cool down jog followed by a stretch.

As I mention in the video, if you are at the gym using a treadmill for the sprints you can just keep the treadmill turning whilst you complete the bodyweight exercises in between.  When on holidays my hot tip is, to train first thing in the morning...realistically its unlikely you are going to leave your deck chair beside the pool as the day gets on and you've had a cocktail or two ;)

Two of our girls are off to Fiji this weekend and I want to know how you both go with this one in the hotel gym!  For anyone else who completes it, let us know your time and how you went, we love to hear your feedback!


Jessica Utumapu:


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