Workout Wednesday

"Running & Bodyweight workout"

I know a few of you enjoyed the Running/Bodyweight workout that I posted for #workoutwednesday a few months ago...Here is another great way to add a little variety to your run!

You will need to...
- Firstly decide on your starting point (A);
- Then you need a landmark (B) that is approx 700m away
- And another landmark (C) which is a FURTHER 700m away from B.  

After you have warmed up with a light jog, drills and mobility you will start a timer for 6 minutes and run from point A to point B, you will then complete a body weight exercise for the remainder of that minute.  When the clock hits 6 minutes, you will enjoy a 1 minute rest.

You then reset your timer for 6 minutes (or you can use a compound timer with the "Seconds" App) and continue on your run to point C.  When you arrive you will complete a different bodyweight exercise for the remainder of the 6 minutes and then rest for 1 minute.

You will do this again from C back to B, completing a different bodyweight exercise on arrival at B and then after your rest run from B back to A and complete the final bodyweight exercise.

The idea is to complete the run quickly yet efficiently giving you as much time to complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) at each landmark.

We did this workout last week in one of our training sessions and used the following bodyweight exercises:

1. Stationary Lunges
2. Stair sprints (counting the number of sprints or we modified to step ups on the spot)
3. Maximum Plank Hold
4. Prisoner Squats

This workout would be a great one to complete as a benchmark, counting your reps at each landmark and re-testing a few months later.  It is also a great one that you can do with a mate too!  The more the merrier!

Enjoy girls!  Jess xxx

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