Workout Wednesday

"2 minute rounds"

I love this workout!!
You have 6 X 2 min rounds with a 20-30 sec break in between each round!
Each one has a combination of 2 exercises for a total of 2 mins! You need to push it hard right until the end and then you rest for up to 30 secs before you move onto the next round.
Once you complete all 6 rounds I would recommend going through them all again if you want to extend the workout time but if you are short on time or have had enough, you can just smash 1 complete set and stretch it out.

Warm up
3- 5 mins of skipping or 3- 5 min jog
1. 3 x frog jumps + 50 m sprint
2. 1 x burpee + 4 x high knee runs
3. 10 x mountain climbers + 10 x plank jacks or standing jacks
4. 4 x forward alternating lunges + 4 x alternating sumo side squats
5. 4 x parallel squats or squat jumps + 1 x walkout
6. 30 sec plank + 5 x tricep push-ups

Hot tip - if you have weights you can rack them on your shoulders for lunges, sumo side squats and parallel squats. If doing squat jumps hold the weights down by your hips for this version.
Stretch shoulders, legs, inner thighs, glutes.