Motivation Monday

"Don't forget where you started.."

This girl is truly inspirational and a perfect choice for this weeks #motivationmonday post! 

Louise joined us in November presenting with ongoing back problems advising that in the past she has been unable to stick to an exercise program due to losing motivation and suffering from injuries. 7 months on and Louise is a committed Stellar member attending 4+ classes a week. 

Louise completed her re-assessment recently and we measured her progress in general strength/core strength/fitness and were so impressed with her amazing results!

Her step up test increased from 27 step ups in 1 minute to 66...what the hell!?!?!?
And it continues...
Squats in 1 minute from 29 to 40!
Pushups from 23 to 39 with impressive increased range as well!
Maximum plank went from 1 min 5 seconds to 2 min 21 sec! WOW!

Louise reached her goals of completing the 8km Mothers Day classic Run in May which she smashed, despite not "being a runner"! She also wanted to lose weight around her lower body and successfully dropped 8.5cm off her lower body measurements, whilst still increasing her lower body strength! She also made the goal of sticking to the exercise program and making improvements in her nutrition, which she has certainly done!

Amazing Lou, and that is why it was perfect for you to be the person to provide motivation to women not just this Monday but in the future too!

Dani and I want to thank you for being such an awesome part of our community! We can't wait to see you achieve your new goals set!"

Jess xxx