Motivation Monday

"The importance of setting goals"

Setting and re-assessing goals is by far one of the most valuable uses of your time. These formal reviews are ‘pit stops’ along the way to success and should be used as a way to refresh the focus and motivation and launch yourself merrily into the next phase of your training and/or nutrition regime.
Basically, if you don't know how well you've done, why things were working for you or not, how to improve your results from here and continue to adhere, then there is a much greater chance you will drop out of your exercise plan.
The effect of not addressing barriers in and around exercise is that the barriers remain and quickly interfere with attendance and/or motivation.
Once your initially high motivation starts to drop (as it typically does) it will require more and more effort to overcome those barriers. To keep attending you will either have to continue to be highly motivated and determined, or you will need to provide increasingly high levels of continued support, otherwise you risk moving further away from your goals.
Luckily at Stellar, our community of amazing women help to keep everyone motivated. It is so good to see you all cheering each other on and offering support to your training buddies.
Even still, winter is here! Excuses are creeping in and if you feel like this may sound a little bit like the voice in your head right now, you need to take action! Today!
Set yourself some winter goals!
Better still, book a re-assessment this month for only $25 and set some goals with us so we can keep you accountable over the coming months!
Winter is hard, but let me tell you, slipping down the slope right back where you started is even harder.
Don't let this be you...........

Dani & Jess