Workout Wednesday

"In between 2 markers"

You will need a timer and 2 cones or Tupperware containers to mark out 100m between 2 points Make it a smaller distance such as 50m to intensify the workout with more frequent directional changes.

Warm up with 20 squats, 20 jacks (3 rounds of each alternating)

You will complete each of the following exercises for 90 secs hard out with a 20- 30 sec break in between each exercise. Once you complete all 5 exercises for 90 secs, go back to the beginning! Aim to complete 3-4 sets.

1. Fast shuttle runs from cone to cone
(Squat down and touch the cone each side)
2. Walking lunges from cone to cone
3. Push-ups on the spot (incline, knees or toes)
4. Travelling jump squats from cone to cone
5. Burpees on the spot (incline if needed)

Stretch legs, butt, chest and shoulders!