Motivation Monday

"Don't forget where you started"

Going through my attic recently I came across this old photo.  Clearly there are huge physical changes that have occurred for me over the last 10 years but more than anything else, what I was reminded of seeing this picture is that, not only do I look different, my whole mindset has shifted for the better.

Although I might have seemed happy back then, in retrospect I realise that I definitely wasn’t, maybe I didn’t realise what was possible.  Back then, I hated my body and myself and this was reflected in the way I treated myself both emotionally and physically.  I ate fast food every day, smoked like a chimney, took drugs, drank…a lot, never ever ever exercised and punished myself everyday for being that person.
10 years on...I love looking after my body, I’m getting better at treating myself with kindness and I exercise for pure enjoyment and not to compensate for what I’ve eaten – in fact I try (most of the time) to eat foods that will make me stronger and fitter!

As you can imagine I was pretty taken back when I saw this picture but it was the perfect reminder for me at the perfect time of how far I’ve come.  Although I feel embarrassed to share it with you, I hope that it prompts you to also take a moment today to give thought to your own progress.

Jess ✌🏼️