Workout Wednesday

"Odds and evens"

An intense downward pyramid of odds and evens!!
Anything going down in repetitions is good for the mind! Mentally you feel it is going to get easier right!?!
Ummm maybe not in this
If you give it 100% from start to finish, you will be dragging yourself across the finish line, I guarantee it :)
You can choose any 6 exercises for this. Body weight or add weight training exercises to the sequence (e.g biceps curls). You will do 3 exercises for the even numbers and 3 exercises for the odd numbers.
Warm up with a 5 min jog only or -
2 mins of skipping
1 min of jacks
Repeat both
For the purpose of this home workout I have selected the following body weight exercises......
1. Forward Alternating lunges (rack weights on your shoulders if you have them) or split lunge jumps
2. Sumo Squats (add racked weights as an option)
3. Burpees (see video for variations)
1. Squats, Squat jumps or box jumps
2. Push-ups (knees, toes, incline, decline)
3. Sit-ups (option - with shoulder press) or reverse curl
Start at 16 reps and complete the exercises in the even sequence,
then complete 15 reps of all 3 exercises in the odd sequence, 14 reps each of the even, 13 reps each of the odds and so on until your reach 1 rep of the odds!
It totally burns but so much fun! I really hope you enjoy it.
If you are short on time you can just do 10-1 or if you want to lengthen the workout you can start at 20 and work it down to 1.