Workout Wednesday

"Downward pyramid workout"

A classic downward pyramid of body weight and theraband exercises!

Start with a 5 min jog or 3 mins of skipping!
Complete 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps of the following exercises!
Start with 50 reps each of the following -

High Knee Runs or Jacks
Squats or squat jumps (see picture on facebook)
Tricep Dips off a step or chair
Walking or static lunges (e.g 50 reps would be 25 each leg)
Lateral Raise (see picture on facebook)
Push-ups (knees, toes, incline, decline or against the wall - standing)
1 min planks (knees or toes)

Follow on with 40 reps of everything then 30, 20 10 etc.
If you like you can add a 200- 400m run in between the sets to intensify the workout!
Stretch legs, triceps, chest, glutes :)