Workout Wednesday

"Exercise Band"

Jess and I recently purchased a whole bunch of Theraband’s for our Stellar workouts, so a Theraband workout is very fitting for this week’s workout Wednesday.
These bands can be purchased in different strengths and are very inexpensive. They are a great tool to have at home and you can take them anywhere with you.

Begin your workout with either a 400m run, 200 skips with the rope, 50 steps ups on a step each leg or 100 jacks. Then complete the following band exercises –
10 x Squat press
10 x Reverse lunge with bicep curl (10 each leg)
10 x Bent over back fly’s
10 x Tricep kickback
10 x Push up (knees, toes, incline or decline off step)

Repeat 3 rounds of all of the above including your cardio starter. If you want to increase the intensity and time of workout, do 15 reps of all the strength exercises and then 20 reps of all of them in the final round.
Be sure to stretch quads, glutes, hamstrings, triceps, shoulders and back.