Workout Wednesday

"Booty Finisher!"

This week we have a great Finisher for you that you can do after your home or gym workout. It is a real booty burner and I’m not kidding…its gonna hurt…today and tomorrow 😈
50 x Glute Bridges (feet on the ground level 1, feet on an incline level 2)
Followed by 10 x Plank Leg lifts (or 4 point kneel Extensions if you have abdominal separation)
Then 40 x Glute Bridges, 30, 20, 10 each with 10 x Plank Leg Lifts in between each set.
Try to have minimal rest in this workout but it will be difficult to do with correct execution without breaking up some of the higher reps. Make sure that you maintain good form and follow these tips to get the most out of the exercise:
󾁚 Weight in the heels.
󾁚 Slowly lower the hips off and back towards the ground (not touching the ground, just hovering).
󾁚 Avoid letting the knees flare apart
󾁚 Squeeze the Glutes at the top however avoid not lifting the hips too high as this will create hyperextension (arch) in the lower back.
Finish with a good stretch in the Glutes and Hamis afterwards.
Jess xxx