Motivation Monday

"Motivation and Persistence" 

A big congratulations to our August Member of the month Anabela........

We are so proud of how far she has come since starting up with Stellar. With a bulging disc in her lower back and neck, training had to modified to ensure a safe but also effective workout each time she attended class. Our main focus was to improve her core strength, pelvic stability, posture and in turn alleviate some of her daily back pain. 
In the early days sometimes Anabela would struggle to walk into class. Now, I can hardly believe it is the same person! She is now running, lifting heavy weights and doing high intensity cardio. You go girl! Unbelievable transformation.
As a small award for your achievements, please enjoy a delicious meal to the value of $30 at Egg Of The Univers in Rozelle.
Thank you for presenting the award Linda.

We asked Anabela to answer a few questions for us and tell us a little bit about her journey so far and here is what she had to say…….

“When I first joined stellar I came with all my ailments including a bulging disc in my lower back and neck. 
Dani & Jess are great in providing me with individual attention and exercise modifications to ensure my safety. Now that my core is stronger,  I can do most exercises now and i'm really proud of my achievements so far. 
My fitness has definitely improved and I've lost a couple of kilos. Overall I feel better and healthier. 
Thanks Dani and Jess!!”

1.What is your biggest achievement since joining our health & fitness group? 
Pushing myself to new limits, I can lift heavier weights, run for longer and I feel stronger!

2. What is your favourite type of workout? 
X trainer with weights weights (anything but the dreaded hill!!)

3.  What is your main health and fitness goal for the next 12 months?  
I'd like to increase my core strength and would love to drop a couple of kilos. I'd love to be able to run around the bay. 

4. Share your favourite recipe with us? 
Chicken quinoa salad

5. Hit us with your favourite motivational saying? 
Live each day to the fullest!

Thanks Anabela.

Dani & Jess