Motivation Monday

"Focus only on what you will gain"

A journey to good health is 100% mental.

A lean physical body is a result of constant work and discipline on mindset. Your mind controls your actions. 
The mind is just like a muscle! It can be trained to be strong and victorious.
For example, when your alarm goes off for training at 5.30am and your mind tells you that you totally deserve to go back to sleep because you were at work late last night and you are buggered. At this point you are solely focused on what you have to give up - SLEEP.
A helpful tool in building a strong mindset is to change your thought process to think about what you have to gain if you get up and do a workout? Yes you will lose sleep, although if you focus ONLY on what you have to GAIN from getting up such us, stress release, improved strength and fitness, weight loss, reduced anxiety, extra energy to get through your day, fun with your training buddies etc, chances are over time you will start listening to this scenario played out in your head and get up for training. 
The gains far out way staying in bed for an extra hours sleep. Not to mention the guilt and anger at yourself for allowing defeat.
You can use this tool for almost any situation. Food choices, reactions to bad behaviour towards you, disciplining your children and so on.
My advise to you in life is NOT to focus on what you are going to lose and ONLY focus on what you will gain from each situation and I promise you in time, the results will speak for themselves.