Workout Wednesday

"Partner Up"

Training with a friend makes the workout a lot of fun and reduces the risk of you cancelling your commitment as you don't want to let them down :)
This workout is challenging but I guarantee you will laughing and cheering each other on through the sets and totally giving out a high five afterwards!
If you are stuck at home, grab your partner or children and get into it together in the backyard. You can substitute the run for running on the spot for 45 secs/ plank 45 secs.

Warm up with alternating runs and plank. 
1 of you will run approx 100-200m in total away from your partner and back, tagging them and taking over the plank as they run. 
Repeat for 5 rounds.

Then complete 20 reps of the following exercises + cardio kicker - 3 times through......

1. Partner Squats x 20
2. Partner push-ups with diagonal tap x 20
3. Partner lunges x 20 each leg
4. Partner Push-downs - single or double leg x 20 ( partner stays in low squat for a challenge)
5. Sit-ups with diagonal tap x 20

Cardio Kicker -
30 High knees
20 Jacks
10 Burpees

Once you have completed 3 sets (including the cardio kicker in between each round), stretch the following muscles

Everything is better with friends!:)