Motivation Monday

"Meet my Dad!"

I am very blessed to have so many inspirational people in my life, be it clients, friends or family…and this man here is one of those. Meet my Dad!

Due to some recent health concerns and having to go into surgery for two new knees in a few weeks, at 72 years of age Dad has been told by his specialist that he has to make some massive changes to his nutrition and exercise routine.  

When Dad sat me down to explain what changes needed to occur, I found it hard to not think about all the things that he wasn’t going to be able to do and if I’m honest I had my doubts that a man who was so set in his ways was going to be able to make these changes.  

I was wrong…Dad had already made up his mind.  He assured me that he was 110% committed to changing his lifestyle and adhere to all of these necessary changes. I am so incredibly proud to report that he has not faulted.  He has completely changed everything in their fridge, set up a wind trainer in his lounge room so that he can still ride his bike everyday (he is now unable to ride outside in the cold air) and he has started lifting weights too!  Even just after 1 month, he is like a new person, he has reduced his body fat %, he is happier, sleeping better, looks amazing! 

I wanted to share this with you because I hope that his situation is a reminder that no matter what challenges you might face or the sacrifices you might have to make, if you really want to achieve something and you make it a priority, you will find a way✌🏼️