Workout Wednesday

"Ascending body weight Pyramid"

This workout involves hill runs, a park bench, your own body weight and a load of determination.

My Friday group loved this workout so much last week, I had to share it with you :)

Complete a 5 min light jog to warm up!

On a park bench close to a decent hill or flat run distance run (approx 700m away and back) complete the following -

10 x Incline or decline pushup off the bench
20 x lunges (10 static each leg or 20 split jump lunges on the ground)
30 x Squats or squats jumps on the ground or you could do box jumps onto the bench if safe to do so (check the bench for stability before taking this option)
40 x Tricep dips (bent or straight legs)
50 x Calf raises off the gutter or bench
700m flat or hill run back to the bench

4 rounds in total!! Boom! Enjoy!