Fuel Friday

"Sprouting Buckwheat"

Who would have thought that the humble Buckwheat could be so bloody delicious! During our cooking demo at Egg of the Universe Cafe, Harry took us through the steps of how to prepare it and we couldn’t wait to give it a crack!

For those who don’t know, despite its name Buckwheat doesn’t contain wheat…go figure! It is actually a seed that contains eight essential amino acids and the perfect nutrient dense food for everyone including those of you who might be sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain gluten.

Follow these steps to make delicious and Buckwheat that makes a fabulous accompaniment to many dishes.

1. Rinse Organic Buckwheat in a colander until the water until it doesn’t have a slimy feel to it.
2. Transfer Buckwheat into a glass container/dish and cover with a tea towel for 12 hours on your kitchen bench.
3. Rinse again well, drain and place it back in the glass container/dish, this time with no water. Rinse again 2-3 times over a 24 hour period each time doing so until the water loses its slimy feeling. Place them back into the container/dish. Over this period you will see that the Buckwheat is sprouting and it will have tail like bits growing off it…yippee!
4. You can eat the Buckwheat raw at this point or Harry suggested cooking it by placing it in a saucepan of boiling water (with a pinch of salt) for a few minutes. I did this for 2 minutes and this was to my liking. Drain.
5. In a blender combine a small clove of garlic, good quality olive oil, Sea salt, Parsley, Basil, Squeeze of Lemon and 2 caps of Apple Cider Vinegar.
6. Mix the dressing through the warm Buckwheat and place in a container in the fridge. This can be stored for 1 week.

Ive served the Buckwheat here with some shredded organic Chicken, Boiled Egg, Mixed Green Salad, Roasted Sweet Potato (20 min on 250 degrees in oven) and I also made Harrys Aioli…nom nom nom!

Aioli : Place 1 Egg, a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt and a squeeze of Lemon in a mixing jar and use a hand held blender to gradually mix in the olive oil. Store in a glass jar in your fridge to use at your convenience over the following 2 weeks.

Watch this space, next Ill be trying out fermentation!

Enjoy girls! Jess ✌🏼