Workout Wednesday

"For the HIIT Lovers"

This short but intense workout can be done anywhere, anytime and again requires no equipment. I have chosen 6 of my favourite cardio and body weight exercises for the purpose of this workout but you can choose any 6 exercises you might feel like doing on the day, including exercises with weights if you have them.

You will need a timer app. Set 30 secs on and 10 secs rest on repeat.

Complete a short 5 min jog, stair runs, step ups or skipping  to warm up and a quick stretch of legs.

Do 4 rounds of the first exercise at 30 secs hard out and 10 secs rest before moving on to exercise 2 and so on……

1.       Jacks (fast)

2.       Burpee (modified on incline or stepping back and in with legs opposed to jumping)

3.       Squat jumps (or squats – no jump)

4.       Pushups (Knees, toes, incline, decline)

5.       Frog jumps

6.       Mountain climbers (modified on incline or standing high knee runs)

You can repeat the whole sequence from 1-6 again if you want to make the workout longer. Make sure you really bring the intensity for 30 secs between each break.

Stretch legs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, chest & shoulders.