Workout Wednesday

"Tabata Workout"

Got a super simple and snappy Stellar Tabata workout for you girls!

20 seconds working, 10 seconds resting, 4 exercises, 8 rounds = 16 minutes!!!  Who doesn’t have time for that!

Ella and I demonstrate 5 reps of each of the exercises that we did:

1. Burpees (because she loves them too!).  You can modify these as needed and do them off a step, or if you want to increase the intensity of the movement you could make it a Burpee Jack or a Burpee with a tuck jump!

2. Pushups against a wall, on your knees, or toes.

3. High Knees or you can modify this to a Stationary High Knee Pull or make them 4x4’s which I’m doing in the video.

4. Air Squats which you make Squat Jumps or Tuck jumps.

When you complete 8 rounds, you can do a little dance like Ella and I did ;)

Make sure you warm up, cool down and stretch your Glutes, Chest, Shoulders, Hamis, Calves and Quads.

Let us know how you go.  Enjoy girls!

Jess xxx