Workout Wednesday

"Down we go"

I love a workout that goes down in reps! It's easier to get your head around completing the sets. Use a seconds pro timer app to complete the warm up. You have 3 exercises all 1 min long. Do 3-4 rounds of warm up phase.

Warm up - 

 1. Wall sit (hips down in line with knees and knees directly over ankles. Back and shoulders against the wall). You can also put a weight on your thighs to make it harder

2. Plank (knees or toes)

3. Pushups (knees or toes)

 Back to the wall sit for round 2 without standing up straight

Conditioning phase - 

 Complete 10 - 1 reps of the the following 3 exercises adding a 200m sprint in between each round

 First 10 reps of each of the following - 

 1. Burpee ( inclined on bench or step if needed)

2. Prisoner squat (you can rack dumbells on your shoulders if you have them)

3. Double leg lowers (do single leg lowers to regress the exercise

 Then sprint 200 m (100 skips or step ups for 1 min option)

 When you return complete 9 reps of the exercises above then sprint, 8 reps of each sprint, 7 reps and so on, until you reach 1 rep of each.

 Finish with an almighty sprint then into recovery!

Cool down phase - 

Stretch chest, shoulders, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and give yourself a high 5!