Workout Wednesday

"Kettlebell Workout"

My most favourite thing about Summer holidays is being able to relax and hang out with loved second favourite thing is all the time you have to work out!  This was one I did whilst staying at a Holiday Park earlier this month.  Yes I am at the kids water park, it was early in the morning so not too many people around but given my options this was the best pick so just excuse some of the kids watching on.

You can crack this workout out if you have a kettlebell or even if you have a dumbbells you can do dumbbell swings and a racked dumbbell squat.

Buy in of 300 skips (or 100 double unders)

Then complete:

21 reps of a Kettlebell swing, Burpee and a Kettlebell back squat.  Then 15 reps of those exercises and 9 reps.

Finish with a buy out of 300 skips (or 100 double unders).

Make sure you warm up, cool down, stretch and modify any exercises where needed.

Jess xxx