Motivation Monday

"My amazing sister"

This is my amazing sister! 
She has never been one to exercise. A little netball here and there but not keen on running, weights or group fitness. Whilst I always recommend exercise for so many different reasons, good nutrition is the KEY to reducing unwanted body fat.
Over the past 5 years, she has lost over 20kgs purely from changing her nutrition and daily food habits🍠 🍒 🍳 🍓 🍆🍽
With guidance and recipes from the Stellar Performance 12 week nutrition plan, she has managed to completely change the way she eats and create great habits in and around her daily food intake. Consistency has been the number one factor in her journey to good health.
I am so proud of everything you have achieved so far my little sis. You are an absolute inspiration to your girls, who look to you for guidance, and other mums out there. Well done👏 👏 👏
Now, to get you on-board the workout wagon!  😘 😜
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