Workout Wednesday

"Legs and butt workout"

New year, new you!

Let’s face it, training your legs is hard work! Big muscle groups increase the heart rate quicker and require a lot of energy expenditure! That’s why adding legs and glutes to your workout is an absolute thumbs up!

This workout requires nothing more than a park bench or step and a bucket load of determination!

Start with a 3 min skip or short 3 min jog then complete 40 reps of the following exercises, followed by 30 reps, 20 reps and finally 10 reps. So you will do 4 rounds in total going down by 10 each round. If you are in fine form and want to put the skipping or run in between the sets, go for it ….

·         Squats  (touching bum to bench)

·         Frog squat jumps (side to side squats)

·         Side to side courtesy squat

·         Sumo squat jumps (or sumo squats)

·         Reverse lunge off bench with knee lift (regress by doing this on the ground)

·         Bench box jumps (or step ups)

Be sure to cool down with stretching for hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs and glutes.

So what are you waiting for peeps? Find your nearest park bench and giddy up.