Motivation Monday


Meet my new obsession!  I was a little weary of the fitness tracker watch craze but I gotta say these things are bloody awesome!  

As most of you know, I love setting little (or sometimes big) challenges for myself and I rope in anyone else who is willing or not willing 🙊 This months challenge is to achieve a minimum of 12,000 steps every day!

I am pretty active already but this gadget has forced me to be far more aware of areas where I can increase my incidental activity.  I now choose to walk to the shops rather than driving, I am enjoying walks throughout the day and after dinner…or even before dinner….Saturday night saw me heading out for a fancy dinner but I still had 4000 steps to go at 630pm.  So, what did I do?  I wore thongs (and carried my high heels) so I could walk.  When I got to the restaurant I hid my thongs in the bushes around the corner and slipped on my heels, cause that’s how I roll 💁🏻 Anything is possible if you really want to achieve it right?

The absolute best thing is that my daughter has become even more active too using her watch and asks to go for more runs and walks with me!

Keep in mind too that if you don’t have one of these nifty watches, you can always use the Health App on your Iphone and that can track your steps too.

If anyone else wants to join me for the remainder of January, committing to 12,000 steps and 3L of water every day, hit me up, I love having people along for the ride!  
Jess ✌🏼