Workout Wednesday

"Stretch routine"

Following my post on Sunday about the importance of stretching, I have put together a stretch routine for all of the major muscle groups. The best time to stretch is after a hot bath/shower and/or a workout when the muscles are warmed up.
There are many benefits to be gained from a regular stretching programme: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
·         Increased flexibility and range of motion
·         Injury prevention
·         Preventing DOMS (deep onset muscle soreness)
·         Improved posture
·         Improvements in sports performance
·         Stress relief
The list of stretch exercises in the picture below runs from top left to right (just like reading a book) all the way down to bottom right 📚
1.    Downward dog (hamstrings, calves, lower back)
2.    Pigeon stretch (glutes and hips)
3.    Hip opener (hip flexor and quads)
4.    Bow down (chest, biceps and front of shoulders)
5.    Upper back stretch (upper back and rear shoulders)
6.    Side bend (triceps, ribs and side abs)

Hold each stretch for 30 secs and do both sides 😉
Enjoy 👍😘