Workout Wednesday

"Pool HIIT Workout"

Firstly how sexy are a swimming cap & goggles!?!?!

In the theme of my Ocean Swim last Sunday I thought Id share a little workout I did one morning when we were away down south for the Australia Day Long Weekend.  Don’t be deterred if you don’t wish to swim, you can sub the swim for a 100m sprint, 40 seconds of skipping or whatever cardio option you choose.  My heart rate was up on this one - tougher than you may think!

I warmed up with an easy 1 km run followed by 10 rounds of the following:

50m sprint swim (or 100m sprint run)

5 Walkouts + Pushup (knees or toes)

10 burpees

20 Air squats

The Walkouts could be substituted for a Wall Pushup and the Burpees can be done off a step with the option of stepping out and back in rather than jumping. 


Jess xxx