Workout Wednesday

"Kettle bell cardio"

This is a cardio intense workout you can do at home, park, gym or on the beach. All you need is a kettle bell. You may need 1 slightly heavier than another so 2 in total as the tricep overhead press might need to be lighter than the swings and burpee/highpull.

I use a 14 or 16kg kettle bell for swings and burpee high pull and a 10kg kettle bell for the tricep exercise. If you only have a heavy bell, you can always substitute tricep overhead for tricep dips off a bench.

I have demonstrated an abdominal modification at the end you can do instead of situps. If you have neck issues or muscle separation in your abdominals please choose this option.

Warm up 3 min easy jog or 3 min skipping with a rope.

Exercise 2,4 and 6 are always 10 reps each round. Exercises 1,3 and 5 start at 50 reps for the 1stround and go down in 10’s. 50,40,30,20,10!

If you want to add a 200m sprint or 50 skips in between each round to further intensify the workout – go for it


1.       Kettle bell swings (keep your knees softened but legs relatively straight. Work on rocking the pelvis back and forth and drive the pelvis forward via glute activatation)

2.       10 x Burpee/high pull ( hands to either side of the kettle bell, jump back feet together, jump in feet wide in sumo squat positon. Lift your chest as you grab the kettle bell and thrust up using your glutes and pull the bell to chest height)

3.       Mountain climbers (or standing high knee runs for muscle separation)

4.       10 x tricep overhead press

5.       Squat jumps (or low impact squats – no jump)

6.       10 x situps with shoulder press or alternative ab exercise demonstrated in the video

Be sure to stretch hamstrings, glutes, quads, triceps, shoulders

Until next week……….. go hard peeps