Monday Motivation

"Every BODY is beautiful"

Id love to say that I walked up to the #sydneyskinny #nudieswimregistration desk yesterday with confidence and took it all in my stride….In reality, my hands were shaking and I had tears in my eyes…the fear of the unknown, the sharks, the nudity, not knowing anyone, the weather, all these factors were compounding to make me a bundle of anxious nerves. I kept trying to remember - if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you 🙏🏼

Once we got down to the water and I took a few deep breaths, there was something incredibly liberating about dropping your towel, letting go of all the hang ups about your body and embracing every inch of yourself.

Everyone was of different shapes, sizes, ages but all bursted with acceptance, courage, happiness and gratefulness! It was a celebration...a joyous celebration of our bodies.

Half way through the 900m swim as I started doing backstroke, I couldnt help but giggle as I saw my body exposed to the sky, my post baby breasts bobbing around in the water, my child bearing hips and my legs jiggling as they kicked behind me. At that moment I felt a rush of appreciation of my body, what it has been through and what it enables me to do.

This is me and I am beautiful....every curve, every dimple, every scare, every perfect imperfection.

Jess xxx