Workout Wednesday

"Isometric Burner"

Check out this Isometric Burner, perfect to use as a warm up, finisher or if you are short on time, it can be the workout itself! are guaranteed to feel the burn on this one!

Plank 60 sec

Wall sit 10 sec - Plank 50 sec

Wall sit 20 sec - Plank 40 sec

Wall sit 30 sec - Plank 30 sec

Wall sit 40 sec - Plank 20 sec

Wall sit 50 sec - Plank 10 sec

Wall sit 60 sec

Finish with 60 Jump Squats (regress to squats if needed).

Key points to remember…

Wall sit - weight evenly distributed through your feet (if anything more in your heels, not toes), shoulders open, hips and knees at 90 degrees.

Plank - shoulders directly above your elbows, draw your belly button to your spine, tuck your tail down….no harbour bridges!

And don’t forget to breath!

Ensure you stretch your quads and glutes.  Enjoy!

Jess xxx