Workout Wednesday


For this week’s workout you will need 2 sets of weights. One set between 5-10kg (depending on strength) for the swinging thruster and another set between 2.5-6kg for the lateral raise and reverse lunge with a front raise.

You will alternate the reps between 20 and 10. For example with the squat in the first round you will do 20 reps but on the second round you will do 10 reps. First round of high knee runs is 10 reps but in the second round you do 20 and so on……

In the layout below I will state the reps for each exercise for the first round on the left side and for the second round I will state the reps on the right side.

20/10 – Warm up with a light 3 min jog or 3 min skipping round. Then complete the following –

20 – Squats or squat jumps – 10

10 – High knee runs – 20

20 – Push ups (option to drop to the knees)  – 10

10 – Swinging thruster – 20

20 – Lateral raise – 10

10 – High plank/ tap opposite hand to foot (option to do single arm reach only) – 20

20 – Burpee – 10

10 – Lunge into knee lift with front raise / each leg in reps – 20

If you want to add extra time go through and a final burst, finish with 30 reps of everything, otherwise go into a 1- 2 min plank on elbows and toes (option knees).

Stretch major muscle groups – chest, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, glutes.