Workout Wednesday

"The Deconstructed Burpee"

Got Cabin fever with all this rain???  Turn up the tunes and smash out this little cracker of a workout - perfect for small spaces inside.

1 min of maximum effort of Burpees

Then complete deconstructed burpees as follows (I’ve demonstrated 3 reps of each in the video):

2 x Squat, 2 x Frog Legs, 2 x Pushups, 2 x Jump Squats

3 x Squat, 3 x Frog Legs, 3 x Pushups, 3 x Jump Squats

continue adding 1 rep onto each movement every round until you get to

10 x Squat, 10 x Frog Legs, 10 x Pushups, 10 x Jump Squats

Finish with 1 min maximum effort of Burpees (aim to beat the number of reps you got in the first minute of burpees at the start)!

Yeeeeeeozers!  Enjoy!

Jess xxx