Fuel Friday

"Healthy chocolate recipe"

With Easter comes chocolate and with chocolate come loads of calories! Do yourself a favour and make your own chocolate so you can indulge without all of the guilt (and burpees to work off the calories afterwards).

I came across this recipe earlier in the week and put it to the test and I'm happy to report - it's delicious! 

I added some crushed cacoa nibs, shaved coconut and pepitas for extra crunch but also thought nuts such as walnuts, cashews or almonds, sultanas, or peppermint oil would be some great variations on the basic recipe.

Healthy chocolate recipe

Its super easy.

1. Melt all ingredients in a saucepan (i replaced maple syrup with rice malt syrup)

2. Pour into a small square tin lined with baking paper

3. Sprinkle crushed nuts or coconut flakes on top 

4. Set in the fridge overnight

Cut into small squares and serve.

Ps you can double or triple the recipe