Workout Wednesday

"Every Minute on the Minute"

At the start of every minute (for 18 minutes) you will alternate between the following 3 movements (check out the video on Facebook and Insta for the demo). Once you have finished the reps for that exercise you can rest till the start of the next minute.

1st min: 14 x Dumbbell Clean & Presses
2nd min: 10 x Knee to Elbow lowers
3rd min: 18 x Squat Jumps
4th min: 14 x Dumbbell Clean & Press
5th min : 10 x Knee to Elbow lowers

Keep alternating between these movements till you get to 18 minutes at which point you are done ✅✅✅

This format gives you a good incentive to get the work done so you can get more rest, just make sure they are quality reps and you aren’t cutting corners. Adjust reps and movements if needed and ensure you warm up, cool down and stretch!

Jess x