Workout Wednesday

"Beat the clock"

I love this workout! Nothing quite like trying to better your first attempt.

Mark out a running distance of approx. 1km. It doesn’t have to be exact just make sure the run distance is always the same.

You will need a step or park bench to work with. For a beginner, you would use a lower height. For intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Choose a slightly higher step or bench.

Warm up

3 mins of step ups (1 ½ mins each leg) or 3 mins skipping

30 x parallel squats

Stretch quads

Time how long it takes you to complete the following workout –

Approx 1km run

30 box jumps

30 incline or decline pushups(incline pushups can also be on the knees)

30 hip raises

(add 30 burpees as well if you want to make it harder and longer)

Take a 2 min rest and repeat the workout putting in your best effort to do it faster but keep good form.

If you still have fuel left in the tank, there is nothing stopping you from completing a 3rd round and trying to match or better the time of your 2nd round.

Go hard peeps!